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  ‘From Alcoholism to Africa’

  I recently had a book published in Ghana entitled ‘From Alcoholism to Africa’ which traces my former life with the drunks to mission in Africa.

  This book accompanies me to the churches I visit and is available to the congregation to purchase after each meeting.

  This book comes out of a deep concern for what I see as sincere but futile ways of  trying to deliver people from the problem of alcohol addiction. I was in bondage to alcohol for approximately thirty years and during the last eight of those years.

   I attempted many serious and genuine routes of escape. I then pursued my last resort to break free once and for all from this addiction,and that was through the Lord Jesus Christ ‘the great physician’,.

Anybody wanting to purchase this book should contact me via the web site. The book is available at £3 plus shipping.

  The other methods had worked for a while but the desire to drink never left me,and knowing this made me realise that I would inevitably return to it sooner or later. I wanted setting free completely,and that day came once I had allowed Jesus to take over my life and the desire to drink left me and I experienced a new and total ‘freedom’ in Christ. The destructive pattern in my life was addressed and I was no longer in bondage to my past life; the old had gone and the new had come.