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  In 2001, whilst working for an American missionary organisation, John Cartledge saw the appalling lack of Christian books in the north and felt that God was prompting him to provide a Ministry Centre for the people of that area in Ghana.  He contacted a Christian book supplier in the UK and the first 20 ft container of books was sent to him. After a lot of hard work, the Centre was completed in Tamale and Christians there rejoiced that their prayers of many years had been answered. Before this, Christians had to make a round trip of nearly 1,000 miles to Accra to obtain Christian books. Even there, not many Christian books were to be found at prices people could afford.

  Malak Christian Book Centre Ministry aims to get the books needed to people at affordable prices and also runs a donation ministry around the Tamale area.

  I have had the privilege of being invited to many churches throughout the UK & Ireland to show a Power Point presentation about our work in Ghana.  

  This has been a great ministry where we have had the opportunity to expose our work to other churches and the response has been really good and so encouraging.

  There has been a genuine interest from all these churches and most of them have requested newsletters to keep them in touch in the future.

  Invitations keep coming in, so I have to select certain months to honour these appointments because of our commitment in Ghana.