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It was sheer joy to see the place going beyond its former glory as the tiles were laid but unfortunately we were only able to get about half way through the building.

Our financial support for this section didn’t meet the need and we were also left wanting fifteen doors [five external, ten internal] as well.


This was disappointing because we need this building completed to support the work of providing Christian literature in the north of Ghana.

Mission here in the UK tends to be put aside and we have personally  experienced much apathy in the church. Churches need to be reminded constantly about the needs of their missionaries by its leaders because otherwise it can be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

The task of missions is not over. The mission of the Church will continue until the end of the age. The mandate Christ gave to His Church—“Go into the world and make disciples…”,  before He returned to heaven after His resurrection, has not been rescinded. We live in a different world to our forefathers. The task of mission needs to adapt to the changing times and situations of our modern world - but the gospel is the same!  

The church in Britain needs to put mission back where it belongs—in the heart of the church! The church must contribute its life and experience to those around the world who, as yet, have never heard of the good news of Jesus Christ.


On a brighter note, we are planning to erect a new storage building near the main entrance to the site next January. We have salvaged enough roofing tiles and timber from the destroyed building to be able to lay a roof at no cost; we already have enough building blocks for the project and electrical materials. We have a couple of options for what the building will be used for and we will reveal that at the appropriate time.

We have also just leased a new store in Accra to replace the old one which was condemned, due to a new major road project in Ghana.

Despite all our construction work, we are still able to continue with our donation ministry in Tamale. During the month of August 2010, we have donated several thousand books to Seed Ministry, Scripture Union and the Baptist Pastors training school.


I have had the privilege while in UK of being invited to many churches throughout the UK and Ireland to present a PowerPoint presentation about our work in Ghana.

This has been a great ministry where we have had the opportunity to expose our work to other churches and the response has been really good and so encouraging.

There has been a genuine interest from all these churches and most of them have requested newsletters to keep them in touch in the future.

The invitations keep coming in from all over the UK and Ireland and I have to select certain months to honour these appointments, because of our commitment in Ghana.

I recently had a book published in Ghana entitled ‘From Alcoholism to Africa’ which traces my former life with the drunks to mission in Africa. This book has been written especially to accompany me to the churches I visit and it is available to the congregation to purchase after the meetings.

I also recently received a letter ‘out of the blue’ from an evangelist in Pakistan who found us through our web site.

Ambassadors in Mission are based in Karachi, Pakistan and are committed to reach the people of Pakistan with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They conduct crusades, conferences, church plantings, seminars, literature distributions and outreaches.

Pastor Asher says; “There is a severe problem with alcohol in Pakistan. There are hundreds of thousands dying with this problem and I would like to impact their lives with these kind of testimonies. We would like to translate your book, ‘From Alcoholism to Africa’ into the Urdu language and publish 1,000 copies for the first time. We will be able to distribute this book in many parts of the country with the help of our ministry friends in many cities and also at our events in Karachi”.

We receive lots of foreign emails from people up to no good who we obviously  ignore, but this one was genuine. I found out, from an American evangelist, who had been over to Pakistan to take a conference, that this man has a great reputation, however, we would need sponsors for what he asks us to do.

Pastor Asher has hosted many evangelists from the west and has invited me to go to Karachi next year to take part in some conferences with three American evangelists. I have been in contact with the brothers from America who have agreed to go, but they are waiting until they receive another mission date from India.


The materials needed immediately to complete the Ministry Centre in Tamale are as follows.

Floor tiles for the lounge, master bedroom, porch and kitchen.

Units for the kitchen

Ten internal doors and five external doors..

We are making an appeal again for furniture but this can come as we go along. This will be taken over to Ghana by container and will cost, so it has to be half decent to make it worthwhile.

More second hand shoes - Akua has been doing well with the shoes she has been sending to Ghana. They have helped to support Grace Children’s Home, an orphanage in the suburbs of Accra, and also our own ministry in Ghana.    

God Bless you All,

John, Akua & Sean Cartledge

Malak Christian Books Centre Ministry

PO Box 400 E/R



West Africa

Email :          johncghana@yahoo.co.uk

Web site :     www.malakchristianbooks.org  

Newsletter September 2010

Dear Friends,


We arrived in Accra on the evening of the 18th July and soon realised one of my bags was missing from those I had checked in at Manchester. This is quite common in Ghana but it is very inconvenient, as the airport is so far away from where we stay. I finally received my bag three days after we arrived and immediately made tracks alone for Tamale, over 400 miles away in the north.

Akua has been very busy working with the second hand shoes she sends over by container from the UK. This has proved to be a fruitful ministry and has allowed Akua to make generous donations to Grace Children’s Home, an orphanage out in the suburbs of Accra and also help to support our own ministry.


I arrived in Tamale ‘raring’ to go with the end of the re-building work in sight; what more motivation do you need?

I managed to laqueur and varnish the ceilings and paint the whole building inside and out before starting the floor tiling.

Completed Building

Akua & Sean when the shoes arrived in Accra

Akua giving a donation of food and money to the orphanage

Admiring my work in the hall

Completed hall

Refurbished office

First bookcases in the refurbished library

Our new bookstore in Accra which we have just leased