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Tragedy at the Centre - 2009

Here are some pictures of the devastation caused by the fire at the Centre.

Mark's ministry was discipling Christians and teaching young pastors, while Kim worked at the Gilbert Bible Translators in Tamale. Their long term vision, however, was to build a Christian school in Kungbungu which is a really strong, predominantly Muslim area of Tamale.

What of the future?

In spite of most of the building having been destroyed, the two rooms we normally worked in survived with lesser damage and we were able to continue our work in difficult conditions. All the rebuilding construction work was completed in February 2011 and we are now moving on in the will of God.

On Friday, 15th May, 2009, there was an explosion at the Centre and Mark Box, a missionary from Florida, USA was killed.  Mark and his wife Kim, along with their children Chandler and Sam, were living at the Centre while Akua, Sean and myself were in England, involved in other ministry.  Mark and his family were members of the Mandarin Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida and were supported by the Christian Light Foundation.